Congratulations to our 2016 award winners!!!

What a fantastic season 2016 has been! It was great to see all who came to prize giving and to celebrate the end of the 2016 season with a BANG! 
Congratulations to the following award winners:

Concord Cup: 
Michelle Bosch

Dixon Cup for Contribution: 
Stephen Dowd

NSU Supporters Cup: 
Kevin and Sara Joyce

Contribution to Umpiring: 
Brad O'Callaghan

Male Player of the Year: 
Hayden Phillips

Female Player of the Year: 
Kathryn Henry

Young Male Player of the Year: 
Dylan Stevenson

Young Female Player of the Year: 
Brooke Roberts

Men's Coach of the Year: 
Johnny Thorn and Malcolm Humphries

Women's Coach of the Year: 
Sylvia Breen

Boys Youth Player of the Year: 
Peter Ruffell

Girl Youth Player of the Year: 
Samantha Hall

Men's Premier: 
MVP: Daniel Harris
Most Improved Player: Liam Bramley
Ideal Team Member: Nathaniel Joy

Women's Premier 
MVP: Brooke Roberts
Most Improved Player: Amy Smit and Alex Agnew
Ideal Team Member: Emily Meredith

Men's Premier Reserve
MVP: Thomas Renwick and Nathan Moffitt
Most Improved Player: Taylor Craigie
Ideal Team Member: Martin Williams

Women's Premier Reserve
MVP: Jacqui Hoskin
Most Improved Player: Lucy Cabot
Ideal Team Member: Lauren Keaney

Men's Senior 1 Red 
MVP: Josiah Telford 
Most Improved Player: Myles Vos
Ideal Team Member: Mark Hitchcok and John Bolland

Women's Senior 1 Red 
MVP: Olivia Stapleton
Most Improved Player: Imogen Dolores Cecilia
Ideal Team Member: Elna Meller

Men's Senior 1 Blue
MVP: Elliot Thomas
Most Improved Player: Eli Sutherland
Ideal Team Member: Phillip Brandt

Women's Senior 1 Blue
MVP: Jennifer Fairgray
Most Improved Player: Megan Wakefield
Ideal Team Member: Morgan Wensley

Men's Senior 2 Red
MVP: Ryan Moore 
Most Improved Player: Justin Vallely
Ideal Team Member: James Watson

Women's Senior 2 Red 
MVP: Robin Kavanagh
Most Improved Player: Caitlin Harrod and Hannah Dunn
Ideal Team Member: Greta Jury

Women's Senior 2 Blue
MVP: Hannah Young
Most Improved Player: Paula Lucas
Ideal Team Member: Emma Weir

Women's Senior 2 Purple
MVP: Ellery McNaughton and Heidi Connell
Most Improved Player: Stacey Mckay
Ideal Team Member: Lisa Venturi

Women's Senior 3
MVP: Helen Thexton
Most Improved Player: Katrina Cheeseman-Skinner
Ideal Team Member: Kristina Harkin

Looking forward to seeing you all for a fantastic 2017 season!